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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers you if a customer or member of the general public makes a claim against your business due to injury or property damage. It offers peace of mind that if someone is injured or their property damaged that you have the cover to resolve a compensation claim.

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Why you might need Public Liability Insurance

  • If you have people visiting your premises or on-site where you are working.
  • If you visit other peoples premises and accidentally cause damage to anything that doesn’t belong to you.
  • A client may insist on your business having cover before they let you work.
  • Someone working for your business puts any other person at risk of injury.
  • These days even minor injuries and damage can lead to major compensation.

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

Employers’ liability insurance covers a business should employees become ill or injured and then make a claim against you.

Any company that employs one or more employers are required by law to obtain employers’ liability insurance under The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

Why you might need Employers Liability Insurance

  • It is a legal requirement if you have any employees. This includes part-time staff, voluntary workers and sub-contractors.
  • If a member of staff is injured or suffers illness due to the work being carried out and you are negligent you could face a major claim.
  • As a business, you should make every effort to ensure the well-being of your staff. All our insurers will provide cover up to £10 million.

What is the difference between Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance?

Simply put, Public liability covers your customers, clients and the general public whereas Employers Liability covers your staff members. 

Both types are separate and do not offer protection for both.

What type of liability insurance cover do I need?

Not sure if you need either public or employee liability? Or both? 

Then give one of our Liability Insurance Specialists a call today. They are on hand to help you find the right level of cover for your business and a price that you and your bank balance will love even more. We will tailor a policy to your business type, size and needs. We search a panel of leading insurers to get, not just the best cover but the best possible price tailoring your policy to cover your every need.

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