Professional Indemnity Insurance

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you are unsure on whether or not you need professional indemnity insurance then the following examples should help give you a clearer picture:

  • Handling people’s information – If you accidentally disclose data or infringe on a client’s legal rights, you could face claims. 
  • Professional body requirement – You might be required by the professional body you belong too, to have professional indemnity insurance.
  • Client requirements – A lot of clients will require you to have professional indemnity insurance before you can even start doing work for them.
  • Providing an expert service – If you run an expert service that provides designs, calculations or plans and a mistake is made, you will need professional indemnity insurance to cover you.

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Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

There are a number of professional roles that would benefit from having professional Indemnity insurance. Some examples of these professions that may required professional indemnity insurance are:

  • IT consultants
  • coaching, training and education
  • risk management
  • town planning
  • business consultants
  • accountants
  • architects
  • surveyors
  • engineers
  • design and construction
  • interior designers

What claims does Professional Indemnity Insurance provide cover for?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect you against the costs of dealing with a disgruntled customer. It could be due to mistakes in designs, calculations or even advice that was given to the client which results in them losing money. It is very important to ensure that you are covered.

As an example, you may be faced with paying compensation if the client makes one of the following claims:

  • A breach of confidence or data – Sharing confidential information or accidentally sharing data of a client without consent.
  • Negligence – If you lose, misplace or make a mistake in designs or calculations then this would be seen as negligence.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement – If your work has accidentally used intellectual property and the client is then sued by the copyright holder.

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